Wednesday, February 02, 2022

NFL Snooze News

So - it's the Washington Commanders.

Why Commanders?  Borrr-ing!  (Some of us locals got advance notification - apparently the website was registered a few days ago, by a company in Eagle, Idaho, that does such things.)

There were a hundred name suggestions that were better than Commanders!

- Washington Filibusters

- Washington Bureaucrats

- Washington Career Politicians

- Washington Pencil-Pushers

- Washington Team Football (yeah, similar to "Football Team," but abbreviated as WTF)

- Washington Rednecks

- Washington Karens

- Washington SJWs (Social Justice Warriors... possibly still offensive to certain Native Americans)

- Washington Redtails

- Washington Redhawks

- Washington Foreskins

- Washington War Hogs ("hogs" already being a fond nickname associated with the team)

My favorite (being an Idaho Boy)

- Keep the name "Redskins," but replace the image of a fierce native American fighting man with one of a red potato.  YUMMY!

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