Thursday, January 13, 2022


What's the biggest statue you've seen?

Well, let's see... that statue of Abe Lincoln, down at Julia Davis Park, might be 15 feet high.  (If he was wearing his top hat, prolly another couple feet.  Oh, and by the way, it is the work of Gutzon Borglum, the fella who brought you Mount Rushmore.  Happens to be an Idaho native.  Was born over on the shore of Bear Lake... of course it wasn't Idaho back then, but it is now.  And, I digress...)

This past summer, we drove "The Enchanted Highway" in North Dakota... giant statues galore!  If you ever have the chance... head up that way.  (There's not much else, in that part of the world, besides wide open spaces.)

Speaking of Mount Rushmore... not really statues, but pretty impressive.  We were there just last summer.  Those heads are around 60 feet high... 20 meters in world measurement.

I was also fortunate to once stand right at the base of the "Cristo el Redentor" statue, towering high above Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.  It's 38 meters tall... so about twice the height of George and Abe and Tom and Teddy.   (No photo - sorry!  You know what it looks like...)

Statue of Liberty?  I looked across New York Harbor at that big green lady (92 meters... including the base).  Made me feel very patriotic and free!

I s'pose that's about the biggest I've seen in person.

Those are all quite miniscule, by world standards.  Check out this interesting YouTube video, that compares the size of big statues around the world.  (China and India seem to be particularly "into" the big statues, with some other contenders as well.)

Watch HERE.

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