Thursday, January 06, 2022

Highly-compensated state employees

The new list is out - of the highest-paid state employees.  I believe the guy on public radio said there are about 400 state employees who earn more than the governor.  Makes sense, I guess.  How much skill do you need, to sign papers, shake hands and kiss babies?  (If Governor Little is reading, I hope he knows I'm just joking.  I generally approve of his governance, and am likely to vote for his reelection.)

The highest-paid?  Andy Avalos, Boise State's head football coach.  (A clarification: the list included total salary, including compensation by non-public entities.)  Andy earns about $1.4 million - almost double the earnings of the #2 guy on the list - BSU's basketball coach, Leon Rice.

Wrong?  Heck if I know.  It seems a little skewed to me, but in our capitalistic way of doing things, there's a limited supply of skilled coaches, and apparently those are the salaries they command.

Also consider: in the report, they said the Idaho is one of FORTY states in which a college football coach is the highest-paid state employee.

(I feel kinda bad, knowing that my marginally-skilled job was worth about 1/28 what the football guy earns.)

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