Monday, January 03, 2022

Disingenuous Media and Election Fraud

For almost a year, we've been hearing propaganda about the January 6th, 2001, "Insurrection," the name the mainstream media have assigned to the disastrous Trump rally in Washington, D.C.

I believe the "undisputed" facts are:

- Millions of Trump supporters were (and are) unhappy that he lost the election.  (That's not unusual - most elections decide winners and losers, and it's natural for the losers to be unhappy.)

- A sizeable number of those supporters gathered to hear their defeated leader give a speech, in Washington, D.C., on January 6th - the day that Congress would officially certify the election results.  Surely some of them clung to a fleeting hope that the results would be overturned.  (A transcript of that speech can be read HERE.)

- Following the speech, a sizeable number of attendees made their way down Pennsylvania Avenue, to protest in front of the Capitol building.  (Hardly unusual, in Washington, D.C., right?)

- Of those that amassed at the Capitol, a very small number breached the crowd-control barriers and stormed into the Capitol, resulting in minor damage, vandalism, and theft, some injuries, and a couple of dead protesters.  It was all over in a couple hours.  (Also, the timing of the Capitol breach is disputed - some reliable sources claim that it began before Trump's speech was over.  May very well have been perpetrated by people who weren't even there for the official rally.  Whatever that means.)

- In the ensuing days and months, it's likely that most of the perpetrators have been identified using video footage and other tools, and many have been prosecuted.  The prosecutions are ongoing.

- The vast majority of rally attendees conducted themselves within the bounds of the law - they exercised their right to free expression, and then went home.  (A friend of mine traveled out from Boise, listened to Trump, waved her flag, and then flew back home.  She wasn't even aware of the Capitol breach, until she saw it on the news.)

Ever since, the whole affair has been referred to as an "insurrection," and a special commission was convened by Congress, to identify and prosecute the organizers.

Now - almost a year later - I'm hearing on NPR Radio, which prides itself as fair and accurate, that "several police officers were killed, and many more injured."  Or words intimating such.  How DISHONEST is that?!!!  Shame on you, NPR - unless you are less interested in being fair and accurate, and more interested in propagandizing for your left-wing Democrat-Socialist Darlings!

I believe a more accurate depiction can be read HERE.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm totally in favor of seeing anybody who broke the law on January 6th, identified and prosecuted for the laws broken.

But I'm also in favor of keeping things in perspective.  And I'm likewise in favor of identifying and prosecuting lawbreakers across the land, who engage in rioting, vandalism, looting, arson, destruction of property both private and public, injury and murder, from Portland, Oregon to Minneapolis, to Portland, Maine!  If lawbreaking is punished depending on the perps' political affiliations, and only those of the "loyal opposition" are subject to prosecution, our society is dead.  (We might be in our "death throes," in any case.)

Anybody who believes they are getting accurate, unbiased and totally-reliable information from ANY "news source," from MSNBC to Alex Jones (or whatever his name is), needs his head examined!  They all put their spin on it, before delivering.  So be careful what you believe - and try to get your information from multiple sources and then "triangulate" the truth.

One final comment - EVERYBODY should be in favor of doing everything possible to get honest and accurate voting, and vote-tallying.  Ever since Election Day 2020, Democrats have referred to Republican accusations about rigged elections as "The Big Lie."  An equal number of Republicans have referred to the reported and certified election results as "The Big Lie."  Isn't it in everybody's interest to remove opportunities for a future "Big Lie"?

Hurrah for the states that are trying to identify holes in the system, and plug them up!  I am weary of such efforts being portrayed as somehow racist and unfair.  I have enough confidence in my minority fellow citizens, that I believe they can understand and abide by the rules, just like us white folks.

God bless America!

(Your response is sincerely encouraged.)

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Bikeboy said...

Look at me! Commenting on my own rant!

Developments on the morning of January 6th:

- Evidently our esteemed Vice President Kamala Harris likened the Capitol "insurrection" to the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. REALLY? Is it any wonder that her approval rating is around 20%? (That's probably around the percentage of Americans who agree with her breathless assessment.)

- I heard on NPR this morning (I listen most mornings) that fewer than 20% of Americans - both Democrats and Republicans - have confidence in our voting process, in 2022. I'd say that's a significantly larger crisis than a here-today gone-tomorrow rally that devolved into a riot.