Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tabloid "Journalism"?

If you're like me, you lamented the demise of Weekly World News, which ceased publication a few months ago. "WWN" "The World's Only Reliable Newspaper" - claimed to print the stories that everybody else was afraid to print. It could be found in the grocery store checkout line - usually with a story about Bat Boy (half-boy, half-bat), or about aliens visiting the White House.

We even got a subscription for a year. (We dropped it - the news was just too scary! I always enjoyed Ed Anger's column. Ed is one ANGRY guy!)

Maybe I was premature... looks like they may be continuing with their online version - click HERE to link to it. (Or maybe they're just recycling old stories.)

Current stories:
- Democrats Plant Sexy Intern to Seduce Bush
- Alien Bible Translated (Apparently Oprah is somehow involved...)
- Study Shows Republicans Are Ketchup Freaks
- The Man in the Moon is a Peeping Tom!
- Secret Fat Farms Discovered By Feds

But even if the WWN was gone forever, Fox News (online) is a pretty adequate replacement.

You know Fox News... "Fair and Balanced." "We report, you decide."

Being a current events junkie, I check 2 or 3 times a day for "real" news, and I feel that indeed, they try to be fair and balanced.

But mixed in with significant news, they seem to have a LARGE amount of "tabloid" type news. They're probably just responding to what their audience wants.

Here are some headlines - not at the "weird news" page or anything, just at the main news page - that I've accumulated over the last 2 or 3 weeks. You decide:
- Cops: Man Kills Motorcyclist Following Daughters
- 'Devil-Worship' Rapist Attacks Fiancee on Prison Leave
- Confession From the Grave May Solve 1970 Murder
- Blind Man Sees After Son's Tooth Implanted in His Eye
- Newborn Falls Through Train Toilet Onto Tracks
- Twin Gay Porn Actors Suspected in Burglaries
- Boy, 10, Suffering From Deadly Childhood Alzheimer's
- Millionaire Tried to Kill Unborn Baby With Abortion Pills
- New Baby Nearly Same Size as Mother
- Chef Accused of Putting Hair in Steak After Complaint
- Nurse's Aide Accused of Abusing, Urinating on Patients
- Deadly Poison Found at Sin City Motel
- Mom Arrested After Baby Born With Pot in System
- Teacher Allegedly Sends Boy Topless Pictures
- Grocery Stocker Found Guilty in Cannibalistic Plot Case
- Teen Crawls for Help After Train Cuts Off Leg
- Son: I Killed Dad for MySpace Time
- Syrian Man Decapitates Child in Market
- 'Death Star' Gamma-Ray Gun Pointed Straight at Earth
- 'Danny Boy' Banned in New York Pub for Month of March
- Dad Who Burned Kids in Dryer Wanted a 'Good Time'
- Woman Pried Off Toilet Seat She Sat on for 2 Years
- Woman Kills Husband Who Turned Off Her Springsteen
- Mystery: Woman's Body Kept on Ice at Hotel for a Year?
- Judge Allows Wife to Annul Marriage Over Female Hubby
- Girl Born with Two Faces in Northern India
- Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead
- Man Gunned Down in Driveway by Killer Robot

Or... maybe the world has just gone crazy, and has finally caught up to Weekly World News!


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