Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Uncle Rico Syndrome

You probably remember Uncle Rico from the movie, "Napoleon Dynamite." And you've probably known an "Uncle Rico" or two in your life. I know I have.

Uncle Rico's defining characteristic is that he revels in the glory of the past. You see, he was the star quarterback, 15 years ago when he was in high school. And he prefers reminiscing about life back then, rather than focusing on his present wretched existence. (He demonstrates that he hasn't lost his throwing arm, by hurling a steak, accurate as a laser-guided missile, into the side of his bike-riding nephew Napoleon's head.)

I'm starting to worry that 50,000 or so local people are afflicted with Uncle Rico Syndrome. It seems to be going around, as badly as the Boogie Fever Epidemic of the 70s. (Or... maybe it's actually dying down, but a frantic local media is trying to keep it alive.)

How long will we continue to bask in the glory of the Fiesta Bowl, and our beloved Broncos' 13-0 football season?

The ticker tape parade is over now. The cheering and laughter, and ceaseless "Boyyyyyyyyy-Seeeeeeeeee..... Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!" have died down. But there are still autograph-signing dates. I'm still seeing cars driving around with huge Bronco decals on the doors, and tattered blue and orange Bronco flags snappin' in the wind. (There are at least 1000 "number one fans" in town. Soon, due to the ravages of time and weather, those flags will be lying in the gutters, just like the American flags a few months after 9/11. At least the Fiesta Bowl is more positive than 9/11, huh?)
If I hear one more personalized play-by-play call of the last minute of the game, and the overtime, I think I'll grab a steak and throw it at the commentator!!

At my household, we've become rather cynical. When the obligatory local-TV-news "Fiesta Bowl Update" comes on, you hear the hollerin' begin. "Mom! Come here! Hurry! Fiesta Bowl news!"

We all watched the game, and were thrilled with the outcome, and are proud of our Broncos. But people, it's time to give the Fiesta Bowl a rest already! (Although we obviously hope to hear daily news updates on how the football-star / head-cheerleader relationship is going.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry; these things all die down and do it in due time.
In fact, how much of it have you heard this week (January 22nd through January 26th?) I know I have not heard much about it at all.
The Fiesta Bowl rallied the community and all of a sudden strangers were talking to strangers about "did you see that play?" It's a good thing and it is now in the past and I am sure you won't have to hear much more about it from here on out.
I also know one more thing: the coaching staff at Boise State is MUCH more tired of hearing about it than you ever will be. They want to stop the presses and just get back to work.
The other thing to consider: at last Saturdays celebration (that I did NOT attend, by the way) there were numerous recruits in attendance that had not even considered Boise State up until now and decided to "trip" to BSU during the parade. Most of them-if not all-were extremely impressed with the community support and rumor has it that three of them "verballed" right on the spot. (Although we REALLY won't know until February 7th.) Recruits want to know that their collegiate sport that will fund their education has the support of the community and when you are recruiting against bigger schools with bigger budgets and bigger stadiums that can become a big part of the whole equation.
But I agree; it's time to stop and let people get back to their lives.

9:24 AM  

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